Way back when, our company director’s great-grandfather was already involved in the production of fine baked goods. The delicate biscuits are still popular all over Europe. His affinity for high-quality nibbles was not lost on his great-grandson, and in 2005, he created Lisa’s Potato Crisps. Today, we call them Lisa’s Organic Kettle Crisps.

The special thing about Lisa’s Organic Kettle Crisps is that we use the whole potato. No mash. Nothing pressed. Simply the honest-to-goodness potato. This is the only way to ensure that the full potato flavour is preserved.
Our innovative kettle technology and small production batches ensure the excellent quality of our products.


Our view of the Alps over fields and meadows is something very special. And we find that it perfectly reflects the unique character of our products. Potato crisps that are produced where others go to holiday: in the beautiful tri-border region at Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet.


We attach great importance to both the high quality of the raw materials we use and the sustainability of our business activities. Short distances for all stages – from obtaining the raw materials through to the packaged product – ensure that our carbon dioxide emissions are low and the level of our sustainability practices remains high.

We only use Bioland potatoes and organic spices. When choosing our suppliers, we keep a close eye out for perfect quality and reliability.
The high-quality sunflower oil used for baking does not contain any antioxidants and comes from a family company from the neighbourhood. Only natural, organic products are used for the spice mixes. In addition, we consciously refrain from using artificial flavour enhancers as well as dyes and preservatives. For these reasons, Lisa’s Organic Kettle Crisps meet the special Bioland standards and their strict food production specifications.

The combination of the highest organic quality, tradition and innovative kettle technology is what makes our potato crisps from Swabia’s Allgäu region so unique.