Organic quality

Since 2012, we have only been using Bioland potatoes and organic spices. In doing so, we’re not just taking a modern approach, but we’re also making sustainability a high priority. By using organically grown raw materials that only have to travel short distances to our factory, we manage to do right by the people as well as the environment.

Our certificates:


When choosing our tuber suppliers, we keep a close eye out for perfect quality and reliability. We know most of the potato farmers and suppliers on a personal level and have indeed maintained a friendly relationship with several of them. This way, we are always very close to the product – the terrific tuber.
The short distances from the field to us in the factory guarantees that the raw materials are fresh.


For our seasonings, we also only use organic spices. Once the herbs have grown in peace and have been freshly processed into a mixture, they taste just like Lisa’s Organic Kettle Crisps: very aromatic.


The potatoes that have made it from our potato farmers to our factory are already the best. We then soak and wash them, and any blemishes are removed by hand.
We then carefully cut the whole premium potatoes (with skin!) into slices and bake them with high-quality sunflower oil in the kettle until they’re crispy. The crisp cook carefully stirs the crisps in the oil bath and decides when the correct tan level has been reached so that the finished crisps can leave the boiler.
The potato slices that are damaged by this process don’t make it into the bag. These ‘black sheep’ are sorted out by hand.
We do this because our employees have a more reliable eye than any machine.